Silk and its cosmetic properties

Silk makes you beautiful: this is not only the remake of the title of a famous movie, but also something true. With its bright and iridescent reflections, silk is a fiber able to enhance the beauty of dresses and complexions, but its potentialities do not finish here; its proteins are natural elements used for haircare and body beauty treatments.

Common expressions or reality?

When skin is extremely smooth, people normally say it is “as smooth as silk”; the same happens when hair are very soft, since it is usually said they are “silky”. Apart from its cosmetic potentialities, silk has always been considered as reference for something beautiful to see and pleasant to touch. Discovering the great properties of its proteins only emphasized what had been only common expressions, which proved instead to reflect reality.

How is silk employed in cosmetics?

The most widely known protein of silk is sericin: from a chemical perspective, its structure is very similar to keratin, naturally present in our skin and hair, reason for which it is a fundamental element in specific beauty products.

Where does sericin come from?

Silk proteins are extracted from the cocoon, which is build up by the silkworm and from which, once harvested and processed, we obtain silk.
It is said that silk calming and moisturizing properties were noticed for the first time in 1930 from the President of Japanese cosmetic firm Kanebo: during his visit to a silk mill, Mr. Sanji Muto noted that, despite employees kept their hands into water for hours, their skin was smooth and moisturized. He then realized that probably silk had great but hidden benefits, still to be discovered and investigated. A great perceptive mind and far-sightedness allowed researches to start and the first silk-based cosmetic product – a soap – to be presented by this firm in 1936.

Which properties does sericin have?

Sericin has a moisturizing and calming effect on our skin, since it creates a protective film which makes it soft and silky. This double action helps reducing wrinkles and fighting time signs. Moreover, its peculiar composition has a depurative effect on the skin and prevents imperfections. On the hair, applying silk protein-based products means creating a protective film which fortifies them and enhance their brightness.

Are sericin-based cosmetic products natural?

Surely they are, 100%. Silk is a completely natural fibre in both its composition and processing.
Using sericin means obtaining natural skincare and haircare products where even ‘unsuitable’ cocoons (normally thrown away) are used instead, with a great reduction of wastes.

Among Italian most important biocosmetic brands, Naturari is worth a note; its face serum combines calming properties of silk proteins with renewing capacities of colloidal gold and the great elastic benefits of collagen. The result is a unique and inimitable product.

Out of metaphors and common phrases, having the skin and hair as smooth and bright as silk is actually possible, but most importantly, it is another great chance this incredible natural product gives us.

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