Science suggests: silk is an anti-ageing solution

According to experts and dermatologists, silk is not only one of the most refined and elegant fabrics, but it also has features which are extremely useful as to slow down skin ageing and hair weakening.

How is it possible for a fabric to have anti-ageing properties?

Science gives us an explanation. Differently from other fibers such as cotton, silk has a smooth surface that reduces frictions with our skin; this prevents skin folds from appearing, folds which instead may become wrinkles as time passes. Our hair can also benefit from silk, since they slip on it while we sleep, keeping their shape and eventual hairstyle instead of becoming a frizzy tangle to unravel in the morning. This is the explanation given by Doctor Neal Schultz, a well-known dermatologist from New York, author of the book “It’s not just about wrinkles”, where he makes it clear how skin wrinkle are not the only reason why people are often unsatisfied of their skin, but also tone and structure.

Moreover, according to Doctor Schultz, the peculiar features exclusive of this fiber reduces the general tendency towards absorption of humidity, hence keeping both hair and skin fresh and moisturized, which is a great benefit for those who normally suffer from dry skin, acne or skin inflammations. Pillows absorb humidity, which may attract allergic substances and those bacteria that are bad for frail skins.

Sheerluxe English webpage also adds that one of the main advantages deriving from the use of silk pillowcases is the ability of the latter not to absorb creams and oils we often apply before bedtime; this way, these products can carry out their action without any obstacle while we sleep.

According to Lexie Sachs, associated Director of Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab, silk fiber does not retain humidity and, this way, is able to carry out its thermo-regulative property when next to our skin, hence giving a pleasant sensation of freshness during summer days and of warmth during wintertime.

There is no doubt that silk bedsheets and pillowcases are a great ally in fighting the first wrinkles and improving the aspect, moisture and well-being of our skin. Science also suggests that, if we want to fight against time signs, it is useful to combine silk pillowcases with adequate skin products and treatments. Silk has not nutritious elements but, thanks to its softness and multiple properties, it can boost the action of specific products we apply on our hair and skin.

Sleeping on silk pillowcases is a well-known habit in many Countries around the world, especially in the United States, where silk pillowcases have now become a “must-have” for many people. In our Country, on the other hand, we are starting to talk about silk and its benefits mainly thanks to some Italian firms – such as Silkow and Golevy among others – which have started to promote a culture of well-being and of self-care based on the use of silk pillowcase.

Silk pillowcases and bedsheets will not make you feel and appear younger overnight; instead, they should be considered as extremely useful supplements, able to great well-being and natural benefits when we look after the health and beauty of our hair and skin.

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