Can sportswear be made of silk?

Silk is elegant, refined and sustainable. And it can be sporty, too.
Sportswear has become increasingly technical in recent years, especially for professional athletes. But it doesn’t have to be synthetic. Natural materials have unique characteristics that make them ultra high-performance. Take wool and silk: when used together, they offer a number of benefits when you’re practising sport.

10 advantages of wool and silk sportswear

When it comes to sportswear, the properties of silk and those of wool are combined to maximise performance. Each brand designs and develops its own perfect blend but, regardless of the different percentages of materials used to make the garments, wearing wool and silk sportswear has its advantages. Wool and silk garments are:

1. Ultra-breathable: natural fibres do not retain moisture and keep your skin dry.

2. Body temperature-regulating: natural fabrics keep the body cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold.

3. Naturally antibacterial: they reduce or prevent unpleasant odours caused by sweating.


4. Hygroscopic: the fibres absorb moisture, keeping your skin dry.

5. Naturally hypoallergenic: they’re ideal for delicate and sensitive skin.

6. Quick drying: you don’t have to wash garments after every use. Hang them out to freshen up the fabric.

7. Usable indoors and outdoors: you can wear them in summer and in winter.

8. Naturally protective: they protect against UV rays when exercising outdoors.

9. Ultra-comfy: they’re easy to wear.

10. Ecological: garments made of natural fibres are recyclable and biodegradable.


Sports styled in silk

Natural fibres are being chosen over synthetic fibres in sports such as running and cycling. Wool and silk are perfect for runners and cyclists as they offer insulation – essential for outdoor activities – and are practical. Garments made of these materials don’t need to be washed every time they’re worn – not something to be underestimated if you enjoy on-the-road adventures out in nature!

In an increasingly synthetic world, let’s make sport natural: it’s good for us and for the environment.

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